The illustrations and pictures of products may differ from the actual standard of delivery. The drawings are not to scale. We reserve the right, to introduce changes in design and technical equipment.

All dimensions are in millimeters (mm) unless otherwise specified.

Definition of symbols

liner coated with teflon grooved tread
liner made of stainless steel block tread
roller bearings made of stainless steel 4 layer lining
ball bearings made of stainless steel half flexible (black)
wheel lock fully flexible (blue-grey)
swivel lock heat-resistant tyre
swivel and wheel lock no marks
stem electrically conducting tyre
swivel housing with lock weight of product

Explanation of abbreviations

GL = Gleitlager KU = Kugellager
RO = Rollenlager KI = Kugellager innenliegend
KO = Konuskugellager ERO = Einzweck-Rollenlager

On request we can also supply the following products:

  • Transportgeräte
  • Regale
  • Hebegeräte
  • Kugellager
  • Rollwagen

General Terms of Sale and Delivery

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